As humans with inborn potentials, it is fundamental to watch for the hindrances and limitations that shorten the full expression of the genius in us. Some of which are laziness, procrastination, wrong attitude, and many more like that.

An intrinsic look into this self sabotaged purposeful living, can be traced to our adolescence stage. Let me share some thoughts to the younger generation and also pave a recovery pathway for adults.

Adolescence is a crucial period of brain development and transition into a new man, a weighty formative process of our existence. In other words, the operations that you carry out now and would in the future, are a product of the networking and programming that goes into your mind at this crucial stage.

Oftentimes the effects of this programming that happens in your mind would require more work to undo the program written; and if positive gives an edge thereby becoming valuable.

I see this as a great opportunity to add value to your life. I’m a privileged one, who is eager to write proven programs that build for a greater future. Here are some of the things that you should know and do in other to experience a positive change and growth in your life; as you grow to become an adult.

Let’s treat this subject in series so that you can be informed and learn to apply the principles in your daily lives and grow to become what God wants you to be.


A whole lot of people in this generation both young and old detest reading or do not find it delightful. These sets of individuals still expect that when they stand to speak, they should be heard.

Effective communication is learnt by listening to others.

Winston Churchill said,

“it takes courage to speak and it also takes courage to listen”.

One way we listen to people is through reading, rubbing minds. This sharpens your mind and makes you a reflection worth giving an audience.

“The first impression matters a lot”. We’ve all heard that before right? Most times when people shut you down it’s because they believe you have nothing to offer or there is that impression that you know nothing about what is been discussed. Funny enough that may be correct because your words may be shallow or show lack of experiences. Why that is true, how much of experience would someone of your age have? It is worthy of note that rubbing minds with the right people, enables you to be more coordinated and to be given listening ears

valuable information is not cheap. The more you know, the more valuable you become.

Out of so many, let me mention a few things reading will help you with

1. Vocabulary and communication skill

The more you read, the more you’ll learn new words and this will improve your vocabulary. This naturally affects your grammatical expression.

The more you read the more knowledge you acquire. You know how to use words appropriately and communicate effectively.

I couldn’t communicate comfortably with my friends at some point because I didn’t have enough words for expression, that drove me into learning new words and how to use them.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

– Jim Rohn

If you don’t want to remain the same don’t stay the same. Read more

2. Reading helps develop the brain

There is a way reading helps develops your brain. You become sensitive, smart, and knowledgeable about everything going on around you.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

Joseph Addison

The more you read, the more healthy your brain becomes.

The truth is “there is no dull brain, there are only untrained brains and minds. The more you put it to work the more sharpened it becomes.

Jim kwik couldn’t remember people’s names when he was younger but he trained his mind and brain and now he is one of the best brain coaches in the world…

Have you ever thought about how you suddenly know where that letter is on your phone keyboard? You have become so familiar with the keyboard that you don’t need any extra second to locate it.

That’s how the brain is, the more you use it the more it gets very active.

3. Reading helps you become smarter

I use to have a friend who we called dumb and stupid so many times but along the way he got tired of being called those names then he decided to start reading everything he sees online, or whatever materials he lays his hands on.

He read all kinds of materials like articles, letters, blogs, spiritual books, books by different kinds of authors, and even how-to books. Crazy right?

But suddenly, we just realized that our friend was getting smarter and smarter he knew something about everything, he became very informed and fortunately the best student of that academic session.

You see, the more you read the more smart you become. It is because you learn from people’s experiences. You acquire information and knowledge from many other people and it becomes part of you.

No knowledge is a waste” it may seem irrelevant today but one day it will save you.

4. You get inspired by reading books

When you read inspirational books. You get inspired, your imagination is enlightened. It makes you feel like the person is speaking to you directly or the person is inside your head. You can feel the action, the passion, and the desire to become exactly like the author of the book or even better.

Books like “do hard things” by Alex and Brett Harris will inspire you to face any form of challenges or situations confidently instead of running away from them.

When you read books like that, it gives you strength to push till you overcome.

5. Reading also helps to reduce stress

Dr. David Lewis conducted a study in 2009 on how reading reduces stress and he has proven that reading reduces stress more effectively than listening to music, going for a walk, drinking tea or coffee, and many others.

Getting deeply into reading stabilizes your heartbeat, the tension in your muscles and lower stress hormones

“Losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation”

Dr. David Lewis


Next week, I will talk about other reasons why you should read often and other things you should do to experience a positive change in your life as you grow.

So, share this article with your friends and family and also subscribe below to get notified as soon as the next episode is out.

Stay safe, and remain blessed.

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Published by VOT (Victor Olukunle Taiwo)

VOT is a young man with the desire to see other young people living a life pleasing to God. He is an intercessor and a lover of Gospel music. He is the CEO/founder of VOT DESIGNS.

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