Last week I shared the importance and benefits of being a reader. How are you acting on what you learned? Do you have a reading plan already? Reading habit is built by committing to a realistic daily plan of reading, it could be 15minutes daily for a start.

I would be talking on the importance of being skilled at your endeavor.


Skill is the capacity to do a specific task well

The reason I wrote about reading was that whatever you will eventually turn out to be, you have to be able to identify it before action can be taken. Reading remains fundamental to growth.

My younger sister came to ask me for advice on what skill she can learn as a lady.

After asking her questions like what she loved to do, stuff she does without stress, what her passion was, and a few other questions which I am sure someone has asked you sometime before. Her answers turned out negative, I began to make suggestions of skills she could learn.

Skills like: graphic design which is what I do, digital marketing, photography, video editing, UI/UX, software development, animation, and many others.

When I was done mentioning them, the next thing she said was “what are those?” I was shocked by her question? I told her to read about those skills online and explained a few. That would get her information and would be able to make a decision by the virtue of the research.

A fundamental pathway to becoming valuable is to be informed about the problems in the world, which requires a set of skills to solve them, this is the launchpad to knowing what to learn. A perfect approach to learning is to define what problems you would like to solve. Then find out the required skills to solve them. Then, the learning journey begins.

A good number just learn a skill because someone asked them to or it is profitable, not necessarily because they have found a major problem or a new way to improving the product or service in that field of endeavor. That is not bad in itself, but there has got to be a big picture, more than the monetary advantage.; which would come if you offer value. I challenge you to look for a problem in your industry, then attempt to solve it. How do you tend to know the problems the world or your industry is facing?

This comes majorly through

  • By observation
  • Research
  • Market analysis of current products/services

You would have to learn a new skill because every problem requires a skill, irrespective of the nature of skill. The problem you are solving is the main thing. A forklift is a product that solves the problem of lifting heavy objects, else the man would have to pay for the lack of resourcefulness for engineering a labor-saving device.

  1. Learning new skills adds to your personal growth and development, and also putting yourself at a higher advantage over others around you.

There’s no wrong way to learn, so you can find a method that suits you best in acquiring new skills. Take professional classes if needed, watch tutorials online(in our days you can learn literally anything online), attend seminars, read new books, and implement what you’ve learned.

Learning a new skill helps in the usefulness of the mind, hereby developing it.

When I started learning graphic design, my mind became consistently active because I was always thinking about what my next design concept would be. From there I started reading books to develop my thinking and imagination. I began to look for ways to get more creative, I kept improving and now I am writing to impact many people.

Your mind is powerful until you put it to work you won’t know how talented you are and how much of potential is resident in you.

  1. Learning a new skill keeps you relevant in your endeavor.

Personal development makes you relevant even when new people join your company or field. Developing your self professionally keeps and makes you more relevant in your company. You need to keep up with technological advancement, otherwise, your employer will consider a more skilled individual to you. Be the best at what you do, striving to be the best is a good inspiration to keep improving himself/herself.

When I was on internship I worked with a real estate investment company. When I went for my interview I looked unprepared and I didn’t even go with my laptop as a web developer. What then was I going to do? When I got there we were asked to take an aptitude test online,. I didn’t have a phone either.

I was favored by been interviewed by the web developer of the company because I was applying as a web developer intern. So he took me in and I started working with him. In no time I had improved so well that I was doing most of the web development tasks in the company. one of my bosses even gave me a phone.

If you stop to improve on yourself you’ll find it hard to achieve your career goals, technology is advancing, the labour market is constantly changing the economy is evolving and every sector of the country is going digital and MORE COMPETITIVE.

So, to stay relevant you need to learn new skills, the capacity to do a specific task well.
Learn new skills and improve on current ones.

  1. New skill opens you up to more opportunities.

New income streams are very important, considering the declining economy of the nation. When you learn new skills you make yourself prepared for new opportunities in the market place.

An individual with leadership skills would be considered and trusted with leadership positions in the community and also get networked to the kings in the community or organization. Every leader knows that executive communications are at an entirely different level compared to the normal citizenry. When you learn to play an instrument, you can get paid for that also. So that means more money.

There are some skills that allow you to do freelancing, working from home like graphic design and web development which get you more income from your convenience.

Whichever new skill you acquire, you always stand the chance to grab more opportunities.

Read “The Top 7 Benefits of Learning a New Skill” by CCSU Continuing Education

You should read that article and we continue from there next week.

I want to appreciate everyone who has read my past few articles and also everyone who made comments, I am obligated to make sure you get the right information and also impact you positively.

Thank you so much.

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See you next week.

Published by VOT (Victor Olukunle Taiwo)

VOT is a young man with the desire to see other young people living a life pleasing to God. He is an intercessor and a lover of Gospel music. He is the CEO/founder of VOT DESIGNS.

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