My name is Victor Olukunle Taiwo, I am the author of this series and your host.

Victor Olukunle Taiwo

Welcome to my blog, I sincerely want to appreciate you for following the series on BECOMING A BETTER YOU for the past two weeks.

If this is your first time, thanks for joining us. You can find previous episodes on the blog, but we are taking it to another level today.

So we have a guest in the house today. she will be sharing her experience and knowledge on the subject matter with us. I am eager to learn are you?

Victor (Host):
Tell us about your self

Bunmi James

Guest: My name is Bunmi James. I am a child of God, a beloved to be precise😁😁. I am a Nurse by Occupation, an Intercessor by Ministry and I love to see the Gospel prosper. I am a volunteer in The Purpose Hub, an organization that raises Purpose-driven youths as catalysts for end-time revival. I love to support the course of the Gospel in any capacity that I am blessed with. I admire good leadership, excellence, integrity to mention a few.

Victor (Host):
Wow, that’s nice…
I am glad to have you here today ma. God bless you

You have been following the series BECOMING A BETTER YOU for the past two weeks now right?

Bunmi James (Guest): Yes

Victor (Host):
What do you feel about the last two episodes?

Bunmi James(Guest):
The episodes were enlightening, practical, relatable. It’s a piece anyone can pick to read and pick one or two points from for a change. The ideas were sequential. I commend the author.

Victor (Host):
I am so excited to hear that. Glory to God

Bunmi James(Guest): 😊😊

Victor (Host):
The topic of the series again is BECOMING A BETTER YOU with the objective to inform people out there about a few things they need to put into serious action to actualize their full potential.

We started with the first point which was to cultivate the habits of reading often: acquiring relevant information and the move to the second point in episode two which was to acquire or improve on one’s skills but today we want to talk about the third point that is also very important.

Bunmi James (Guest): Okay

Victor (Host):


Bunmi James (Guest): 😊😊

Victor (Host): You’re smiling

How does relationship affect or influence us in becoming better people in life?

Bunmi James (Guest): Okay, thanks for the question.

Victor (Host): 😊

Bunmi James(Guest):
Relationships are just inevitable and indispensable. As God didn’t isolate Adam in the garden of Eden even before the creation of Eve, he had relationships with animals (lower beings).
God himself had relationships in Himself, Trinity. There is power, positivity, energy in relationships if you know channel towards it.

Victor (Host): Very correct. Relationships are inevitable and indispensable.

Bunmi James(Guest):
Firstly, I will define what relationship is; Relationship is how two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected. How two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other.

Bunmi James(Guest):
Taking a deep look, the first Relationship we are blessed with is Family, its intentional.

Victor (Host): Family.

Bunmi James (Guest):
We are being taken on a journey of known to unknown. No matter how heartless a person is, there is still a soft spot for family members before we can now talk of friends and the likes. We are being exposed to a relationship of Family hood to experience love, to receive and give love, to learn the basic things of life, learn to care, to be corrected, to be chastised, and then drawn back with love. If this foundational truth on a relationship is not well and correctly imbibed, it affects the person’s secondary Relationship outside the family. A lot of psychosocial theories talk about this, for example, Erick Erickson’s psychosocial theory.

Victor (Host): Hmmm, this is becoming interesting. go on ma 😊

Bunmi James(Guest):
The importance of relationships is that inasmuch as it is a personal responsibility to build your value and moral system, your primary relationship (Family) plays a vital role then the educational and religious system comes to play cos that’s the next exposure. Relationships help you to correct those things you feel cool with but which is outside of the norms and mores.

Victor (Host): yeah

Bunmi James (Guest):
For example, a family where the parents are elites, well educated, and exposed. Definitely, much more is expected and will be laid down for the children. In comparison with a family that survival is the order of the day. The products of this family maybe meet in an educational system, getting along will be difficult unless they both reach a compromise. Compromise is another vital rudiment to put into consideration when maximizing your relationship for one’s betterment.

Victor (Host):

Compromise is very important because we all have our differences.

Bunmi James (Guest):

Now to answer the question, No one is an island. No one fell from heaven, In fact, if you are the only surviving entity in your family, you have neighbors, which is a form of relationship, you have work-related people, a form of relationship, those you buy from and sell to, its a form of relationship as long as you have dealings with people.
The influence of relationships starts with yourself, not the other person. What kind of a person are you, what is your value system, what do you watch out for in people, what attracts you, what do you have to offer in the table of relationship with someone. Is the relationship mutual, should you engage only in mutual relationships as they say these days?

Victor (Host):
Deep questions

Bunmi James(Guest):
It’s advisable to know yourself, so you can know others. I would like to highlight some keywords and elaborate so as to address this issue.

Bunmi James(Guest):

You get this feeling when you are connected to people that their love for you is certain and likewise your love for them, whether family members, friends, work colleagues, etc. There is a feeling of safety, feeling they always get your back no matter the situation. When you feel accepted regardless of your flaws, shortcomings, overbearingness. This feeling gives you an edge over others as you already have a concrete attitude to taking up challenges into betterment. In fact, there are people on ground you discuss an idea with and you have their full support, resources, and the likes not just family members but non-family members

Bunmi James(Guest):

Your circle of friends and counterparts have achieved a master’s degree and you all both own businesses. In your hangouts, they share their experiences in the program, it’s only very natural for you to dance along. Your relationship motivates you to be better especially if they are ahead of you which I think is ideal. keep a relationship with someone that is ahead of you.

Victor (Host):
They will keep you on your toes and influence you positively. They will probably have a better Suggestion for you to archive your goals. I have a friend who is older than I am. We got talking about money and how to make more of it. During the conversation he suggested an investment plan for me, I took it, and now it’s helping me. You cant tell what is in it for sometimes. Please go on ma.

Bunmi James(Guest):
Thank you.


As earlier stated, keep relationships with people that are ahead of you as it has a way of stirring up the desire to take up tasks that are naturally impossible for you. From relationships, you get mentoring, in fact, mentorship is a relationship, a good one.


You don’t have to make the same mistakes people ahead of you made on the way to an achievement. You can scale through an Israelite’s journey of 40 years to 40 days through mentoring.

Victor (Host):
Very informative
Get a mentor.

Bunmi James(Guest):
One thing I skipped out is outside your family relationships, it’s a little bit difficult to get along others because of the different backgrounds and training. That’s where a compromise is needed. Respect people’s opinions regardless, do not shove your opinion down someone’s throat even if you have the power to. Appreciate little gestures and the people in your life for staying around. Correct in love. You know one thing I have come to realize is, it takes a lot of letting go to get along with people and the fact that you deal with people uniquely and specifically to who and how they are, that takes a lot right?

Victor (Host):
Yes o
A whole lot
That’s why HR is a profession.

Bunmi James(Guest):
Considering the family, cultural, religious, opinion, educational, social differences, What is right and wrong is relative. That is why reaching a compromise is needful to building healthy relationships with people around you uniquely. How you treat A is different from how you treat B if you will be sincere. Accept people, be approachable, be ready to learn and teach others, build an aura of peace and positive energy around you. Do not be selfish or self-centered.
Attend to people’s needs and you will have healthy and wealthy relationships. Make your relationships your networth.
Yoruba’s will say “Eniyan laso mi” meaning people are my clothes that cover me. The importance of relationship can not be overemphasized

Bunmi James(Guest):
One more last thing I will like to talk about is to evaluate your friendship and sieve away those not adding value to your life. Well if they are not, you can add to their life. It’s not just about you receiving value its more of you giving out value. You don’t have to sieve the relationships away, you can check up on them, they might be going through one or two things that you can help with.

Victor (Host):
People can make you, people can mar you. Sieve your relationships this is very important.

Bunmi James(Guest):
Lastly, the most important relationship that births and fuels other relationships is the fellowship with God. You don’t want to miss the sweet savor thereof. I implore you to build and sustain one today, it is therein, you are guided as regards your relationship. There is no doubt that 20 children can’t play for 20 years, but you need to be sensitive to know when it is game over with someone, and when you need to stretch a hand to someone, and when you need to pray for someone and the likes.

Hope you find this helpful and applicable?
I hope you do.

Victor (Host):
Wow, wow, wow,
You have spoken well ma.

Thanks for honoring my invitation, I am blessed and I know many will be also.

That’s it guys, relationships are important to becoming better people as we grow daily.

Thank you for reading, kindly share the link with a friend or on your social media timelines so others can learn and apply the principles.

Also, leave your comments and suggestions below, they are very much welcome.
Stay blessed and see you next week on this series.

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VOT is a young man with the desire to see other young people living a life pleasing to God. He is an intercessor and a lover of Gospel music. He is the CEO/founder of VOT DESIGNS.

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