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My story and what I do

Welcome to VOT DESIGNS

VOT is an abrevation which means VICTOR OLUKUNLE TAIWO and it is the name of the Founder/CEO. A man of unimaginative creativity.

He started graphic design using his phone and after completing his first graphic work, he looked at it and was exited. The joy that welled out from him was priceless and it drove him into the journey of beautiful and exciting graphic designs. VOT has done so many free jobs just for the excitement derived from seeing a wonderful graphic work done by himself. He specializes in Logo designs and branding, banners/flyers and web development. he also have other young guys working with him.

One of VOT first set of designs
Banners/flyers designs
Here is VOT first graphic design
Here is VOT first graphic design

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Victor Olukunle Taiwo

I am a passionate lover of God, worship and people. I love to talk with young adults sharing my knowledge and experience with them.

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